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Our Founder

Introducing Richard Skellett

Founder of The Globalution Group

Meet Richard Skellett, a trailblazing entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in reshaping the future of work through innovation. His visionary leadership has made an enduring impact on the global technology solutions and services landscape, starting with the establishment of Allied Worldwide, a pioneering company, that played a pivotal role in shaping the IT managed services sector.


But what sets Richard apart is not just his entrepreneurial prowess—it’s his unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo. Through his brain child, the Globalution consortium, he offers a fresh perspective on traditional business models. With a relentless focus on Mutable Business™, Richard’s mission is to embrace a perpetual state of reinvention. He accomplishes this through a suite of trademarked solutions, including Flexible Resource Architecture™ and H-Shaped People™.


For the past five years, Richard has been a vocal advocate for understanding the profound impact of AI on businesses and individuals. His critiques are sharp, aimed at awakening government, industry, and educators to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Richard is the visionary who coined the term “digital worker” and emphasized the vital fusion of human and digital capabilities, enabling future-ready operating models.


Richard’s insights aren’t confined to boardrooms; they resonate in the public sphere. His contributions span renowned media outlets like the BBC, City AM, The Sunday Times, Raconteur, and the Sunday Express. Additionally, his thought leadership has found a voice on TalkRadio, where he regularly engages in spirited discussions.


But Richard’s influence doesn’t stop at media appearances. He takes center stage at conferences worldwide, where his expertise shines. As an adept moderator and discussion leader, he navigates the complex terrain of future-of-work debates with finesse.


Intrigued by Richard’s vision for a more adaptable, resilient business world? Connect with him on LinkedIn at and join the Globalution movement toward a brighter, more innovative future.

Let's Talk:

    True inclusion goes beyond words—it means ensuring equitable compensation for all, regardless of their geographic location. Basic necessities like fair pay should be universal.

    Unlocking the potential of dynamic pricing for labor consumption can revolutionize cost management. Shifting from fixed to variable costs linked to metrics such as Sales offers the agility needed for competitive edge and financial resilience.

    In today's rapidly evolving workplace, understanding and optimizing the relationship between digital workers and human workers is crucial. Striking the right balance empowers organizations to harness the full potential of technology while preserving the unique contributions of their human workforce.

    Redundancies within organizations not only disrupt the lives of employees but also harm productivity and morale. As HR leaders, our mission should be to create a work environment that ensures job security and eliminates unnecessary redundancies, fostering a culture of stability and growth.